Southwark loses a tree every day

Latest figures released show that over the last four years, Southwark Council have felled 2,248 trees in the borough. For every three trees it cuts down, it only replaces one, meaning overall Southwark loses a tree every single day under the Labour council. Moreover, 144 tree beds which are ready to have trees replanted in them lie empty.

Liberal Democrat councillor James Barber and candidate for Goose Green ward in Dulwich said

‘Under Labour, Southwark loses a council house every day, we lose a police officer every week and now we learn we’re losing a tree every day too. Left to their own devices, Southwark Labour may well copy their Sheffield counterparts, who have been chopping down trees left right and centre. Southwark Liberal Democrats are the ones who can make our borough greener, safer and more affordable.’


19th April, 2018

Notes for editors:

Total replaced: 722

Total new trees: 147

Net loss: 1,379 – or 0.94 a day

  • Council figures say that 144 Tree pits are currently vacant
  • Net loss of Council homes 2013-2017 is 1,340, or 0.91 a day
  • Southwark lost 60 Police Officers last year, or 1.15 a week