Lib Dems Surge in Polls

In the space of just eleven days, over a hundred people in Southwark have joined the Liberal Democrats.

This follows a historic vote in the European elections where Liberal Democrats convincingly beat Labour across the borough, having campaigned on a positive message of defending and fighting for a Liberal London, in a Liberal Britain, in a Liberal Europe. In recent polls, the Liberal Democrats have been neck-and-neck with Labour nationwide and even overtaking them in some.

Labour’s official policy of supporting Brexit, coupled with the anti-semitism crisis engulfing the party, leading it to be formally investigated by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, has left many Labour members deeply disillusioned. According to a YouGov poll, almost half of Labour’s own members voted for another party. Under Labour party rules, any member that votes for another party should be disqualified from the party. This resulted in Alastair Campbell being ejected from Labour for voting Liberal Democrat. The Conservative party is also experiencing a similar collapse in support, coming in fifth place in the European elections and two-thirds of their members choosing to vote for different party.

Cllr Anood Al-Samerai, Leader of the Liberal Democrat group on Southwark Council said: ‘We saw a huge surge of public support for the Liberal Democrats at the European elections, and that’s translating into a big increase in people joining our party and joining our fight for a Liberal London, in a Liberal Britain in a Liberal Europe. You could say that momentum is very much with us now! Best of all, it comes from people respecting us for boldly proclaiming our core values of internationalism, openness, radical environmentalism and a tolerant, fairer and more equal society. We’ll continue to fight for our values and urge anyone that shares our values to step up and join us in that fight.’


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