Labour Fudge Brexit Again

Labour has today released a confusing set of policies that highlight their deep divisions on Brexit.

Whilst the party has finally committed to supporting a confirmatory ballot on the Tories’ Brexit proposals and to support remain in that circumstance, they have also made clear that a Labour government would negotiate a Brexit deal.

It is unclear if this Brexit deal would deliver Labour’s 2017 manifesto promise to end freedom of movement or indeed if Labour MPs would be able to campaign for remain in a confirmatory ballot.

Humaira Ali; Liberal Democrat PPC for Bermondsey and Old Southwark comments:

‘Nothing has changed, Labour are still for Brexit. Southwark voted overwhelmingly for the Liberal Democrats in the European elections because our community want to stop Brexit and focus on the issues that are hurting us; the cost of living crisis, fatal levels of air pollution, and the diminishing standard of life for our young people’

Members of the public who are angry about Labour’s Brexit fudge and want to campaign to remain in the European Union can sign up here to join Southwark Liberal Democrats and stop Brexit: