Southwark Liberal Democrats Commemorate London Bridge Victims

The Southwark Liberal Democrats commemorated the victims of the London Bridge terror attacks on Friday at a dedication of a memorial plaque for the tragedy.

The group, in the wake of the dedication, commented on the devastation that the attacks had on the community and the suffering that many residents are still experiencing five years on from the incident.

Southwark Cathedral held a service dedicating the memorial plaque to those killed and affected by the London Bridge Attacks, with Friday marking its fifth anniversary.

Through a motion that council assembly voted through in 2019, Southwark Liberal Democrats successfully got the council to agree to install a permanent memorial.

Southwark Council agreed that survivors, the local community and families of the victims would be part of the process for deciding the nature, design and location of the memorial.

Commenting, Cllr Victor Chamberlain, Southwark Liberal Democrat Group Leader said:

“The last five years have been immensely difficult for survivors, victims’ families and the local community. Many still suffer from the after effects of these attacks, and our communities will never forget the events of that dreadful Saturday night five years ago. I am proud that the memorial we called for has now been installed by this anniversary. I hope it serves as a permanent tribute to the survivors and victims and, also, a reminder that those that seek to divide us will always fail. Our community is stronger and more united today than ever.”