Southwark Liberal Democrats Attack Labour for Not Going Far Enough on Climate Emergency

The Liberal Democrats blasted Labour for dragging their heels on actions to mitigate climate change and pushed them to go further at Southwark’s Council Assembly on Wednesday evening.

At the meeting, Liberal Democrats asked Labour to take greater environmental action and highlighted that campaigners panned the council’s climate change strategy for being unaspiring.

Southwark Liberal Democrats proposed amendments to a Labour motion that would have forced the council to adopt more ambitious environmental policies.

These proposed policies included making all developments on council land follow low-carbon standards such as Passivhaus standard, planting over 100,000 trees by 2025, and ensuring the pension fund is fossil-fuel free five years before Labour’s target.

However, Labour members voted down the amendment and its policies at the assembly.

Commenting, Liberal Democrat Climate Emergency spokesperson Cllr Adele Morris said:

“Southwark Labour need to take the climate emergency seriously and can only do so by setting more ambitious targets. I am bitterly disappointed that they voted down some tried and tested policies tonight, as it would have helped put us on track to become carbon neutral by 2030. At the moment I am very concerned that Southwark Labour haven’t gone far enough, fast enough in this climate emergency when other councils around the country have shown that it is possible to do so.”

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