Southwark Labour Vote to Keep Golden Goodbyes

Southwark Labour voted down an amendment on Wednesday evening, which would have scrapped loss-of-office payments for outgoing cabinet members.

The Liberal Democrats proposed the amendment at a council assembly following a history of campaigning against these ‘Golden Goodbyes’, which began in 2016.

Most recently, the council paid out a £4,800 loss-of-office payment to Cllr Leo Pollak following his resignation from a cabinet post.

After his resignation, an independent report on Cllr Pollak found he breached the council’s code of conduct.

Cllr Adele Morris, the Southwark Liberal Democrat who proposed the amendment, said:

“It is sad to see the Southwark Labour party continue to prioritise their own financial rewards at a time when our residents are suffering the effects of the rising cost of living. It is particularly galling to see that cabinet members who resign – whether by choice or as a result of their own inappropriate behaviour - receive such payments.”