“A bus replacement before they’ve built the train”: Southwark Liberal Democrats slam Bakerloop “gimmick”

2 Apr 2024
LD News

The Southwark Lib Dems have slammed the London Mayor’s lack of ambition and failure to deliver the Bakerloo Extension in response to today’s Bakerloo Bus announcement.

The Bakerloo Bus (now dubbed the Bakerloop) would mimic the route the proposed Bakerloo Line Extension (BLE) would take.

However, an express service to cope with the increased demand due to developments along the Old Kent Road has been in the works for awhile, making this announcement a new name rather than a new policy.

In March, the Liberal Democrat group submitted an amendment to the Labour administration’s “Back the Bakerloo Line Extension” motion, which appeared to absolve itself and the Mayor of responsibility for delivering the much-needed infrastructure to boost Southwark and the capital.

The amendment pointed out that the proposed Bakerloo Bus would be an insult to those living in what is currently a transport desert, and that Labour need to take responsibility for areas squarely within their gift.

Commenting, Southwark Liberal Democrat leader Cllr Victor Chamberlain said:

“Labour are trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes with flashy gimmicks, but everyone can see that it’s just a distraction from the Mayor’s failure to deliver the Bakerloo Line extension. Only in Labour-run London would we see a bus replacement service before the train was even built.

Labour need to take responsibility, and deliver the infrastructure Southwark desperately needs”