Dog lovers criticise 'paw' consultation

Dog walkers from across Southwark have slammed a recent consultation that examined dog related anti-social behaviour during a heated debate at Council Assembly last Wednesday.

The deputation, made by a number of local dog lovers, highlighted how the recent consultation was poorly publicised and left many residents ‘upset and confused’’. In addition, the deputation also brought forward the issues which could be caused by new controls and the negative impacts on the daily lives and wellbeing of many vulnerable residents.

A petition calling for Southwark council to reconsider a number of proposals was set up by Southwark Loves Dogs and has already reached 1800 signatures in a matter of days. With a community of approximately 20,000 dog lovers in Southwark, there could be yet many more signatures to come.

Councillor Hamish McCallum, Riverside ward Liberal Democrat Councillor, said:

“As the petition outlines, dogs provide comfort to many isolated people across Southwark, plus walking them is a fantastic way of keeping fit – putting heavy controls on dog walkers is barking mad!” 

“The dog walkers who joined us last Wednesday evening at Council Assembly brought forward serious concerns about the consultation which took place this year regarding reducing dog related anti-social behaviour.” 

“Of little surprise were their complaints about how poorly publicised the consultation was and how the document was misleading – a recurring theme with consultations in this borough. We are therefore demanding answers from the council on whether the consultation was both fair and transparent.”