Cycle Superhighway plans at crossroads

Responses to Transport for London’s plans for the CS4 route between Tower Bridge and Greenwich have been published. The most difficult aspect of the plans remains Jamaica Road, which lies in the middle of the proposed cycle superhighway route. The road is frequently gridlocked, is difficult to cross and has some of the worst air pollution in the capital. Congestion rose by 19% last year alone.

Southwark Liberal Democrats have campaigned for better cycling provision for well over a decade, having successfully made the case for the Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf bridge and are going into the local elections in May calling for the bike hire scheme to be extended across the borough.

Responding to the CS4 proposals, Cllr Anood Al-Samerai, leader of the Liberal Democrat opposition on Southwark Council and a local councillor for the area of the proposed route, said:

‘We support developing the CS4. Protected cycle lanes are essential to getting more people cycling and reduce congestion, but let’s not do piecemeal reform. No-one wants to have to dig up the road all over again in a few years and there are a few issues that have to be ironed out. A cycle crossing at West Lane junction will add to congestion, rather than reduce it. One solution is for the cycle lane to run continuously along the south side, or we could have one-way cycle lanes on both sides of the road. Another possibility is to create cycle/pedestrian bridge, which could be combined with proposals for a green bridge between Southwark Park and King’s Stairs Gardens.

These need to be considered as part of a larger and more holistic approach – one that takes into account proposals for Lower Road, as well as incorporating the bike hire scheme. Building a greener infrastructure that works is essential for creating a city that works for all.’