Another Missed Target as Southwark Labour Lets Down Residents on Cycle Storage

Southwark Labour has missed its own target of 500 cycle hangars in the borough by March 2022, Liberal Democrat research revealed on Friday.

The Southwark Liberal Democrat group’s internal enquiries show the council had installed only 401 hangars by the end of March.

The council’s monthly target for cycle hangar installation had been missed for eight consecutive months.

8,842 people were waiting for a cycle hangar space in Southwark, with prior reports noting the borough had the most of any London council.

At Southwark Council’s current rate of completion it would take around 14 years to provide adequate cycle storage for those 8,000 residents.

Commenting, Cllr Graham Neale, Southwark Liberal Democrat said:

“Southwark Labour has outdone itself, missing a target that was unambitious even by their standards. Providing cycle storage is key if we are to encourage more active travel and tackle the climate emergency. Yet it seems Southwark Labour is stuck in the past, failing to provide adequate and affordable cycle storage, while continuing to offer free car parking on our estates”