Who We Are

For those wondering who the Southwark Liberal Democrats are, the simple answer is that we are locals from a whole range of different backgrounds, careers, tastes, interests, races, places, cultural heritages and social classes. Through all these differences, one thing binds us solidly together. A shared commitment to a set of powerful ideas and principles, enacted to make Southwark and its communities both stronger and fairer. These ideas and principles have always pushed the boundaries of what is possible to enhance freedom, equality and social justice.


If we were motivated by power for its own sake then, bluntly, there are other parties we would join for an easier life. Equally, if we only wanted the comfort of merely spectating and complaining from an ivory tower or a twitter handle, then we would not have chosen to dedicate ourselves to engaging with our communities, meeting face-to-face on the doorsteps and doing the occasionally difficult (but always rewarding!) work of campaigning to improve the lives of the people in our communities.

We are Liberal Democrats, not because we want to advance the interest of some faction over another but rather the opposite. As William Beveridge, the intellectual father of the NHS declared:

"The outstanding merit of Liberalism as a political creed is it stands for the general interest. It means that the Liberal Party, unlike both its rivals, cannot count on automatic support from any sectional interest. It must build its own organisation for itself and its ideals."


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