Update on transport and environment

I am extremely pleased that our ward is now represented by three Liberal Democrat councillors. My congratulations to Humaira Ali and William Houngbo who have been elected for the first time. Together we will proudly represent all residents of the new London Bridge and West Bermondsey ward (sorry about the long name - it wasn't us that picked it)!
The ward is a busy part of Southwark and Humaira, William and I have not been holding back in assisting with a number of issues that have surfaced.
The Bakerloo line extension. Many of you joined our rally in November 2017 to highlight our desire for a first station at the Bricklayers' Arms. This would have significant benefits for anyone living in the area in terms of easy access to the tube network while reducing the number of vehicles journeys and associated improvements in air quality. It would also give a boost to local businesses between the lower end of Tower Bridge Road and London Bridge. Transport for London are trying to wriggle out of providing the station but the fight goes on.
Bermondsey Street is a much improved location now that vehicle traffic on Tanner and Leathermarket Streets has been limited to one-way (outbound). Also, the large 'euro-bins' have been removed from the footpath thanks to enforcement action prompted by local campaign group BermondseyStreet.London, fully supported by your councillors.
Merry Christmas and may you have a fantastic 2019.