The Big Debate

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There is a big debate happening in Lib Dem local parties across the country. With the systematic demolition of our democracy by the Tories people are asking questions such as, "Do we work collaboratively in a coalition of the willing? Or do we take some other action or event and go it alone? What about parliamentary level vs local level?"

It’s a discussion and debate that we’d like to have as a Southwark Liberal Democrat local party, to understand your views and position. The event will be an opportunity for you to either put forward a model for working or speak for or against other models including not working collaboratively at all. At the end of the debate there will be a vote on our local party position. The format will be a hybrid meeting knowing that some people may be out of town and others are still unable to meet in person. Voting will be restricted to Members only however, Supporters are more than welcome to attend and take part in the debate. If you are a supporter and do want to have voting rights then please upgrade to full membership at

Please do sign up here at the latest by 12pm on Tuesday 17th August, so that we can ensure there is a ballot paper for you. Due to the Covid situation and doing this as a hybrid meeting, "just rocking up on the night" or signing up late may mean that you do not have a ballot and will not be able to vote. Please can you sign up asap latest by 12pm on the day. If you have not updated your address details then your membership may not be in Southwark or the correct part of Southwark. Please can you e-mail [email protected] to make any amends by end of day Thursday 12th August in order to make the cut.

If you have any questions please drop Chris a line at [email protected]

August 17, 2021 at 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Hybrid Meeting Zoom or in person at St Anne's Church, Thorburn Square, Bermondsey
Chris Hudson ·
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Will you come?