Local Issues

In Surrey Docks, the key issues we're campaigning on are:


Broadband is Surrey Docks is amongst the slowest in the country. A recent Which? report named Southwark as one of the 20 worst places in the UK for broadband. Internet connection has become a necessary utility akin to water and electricity. We’ve been pressuring private companies, Southwark Council and the Mayor of London to bring the area up to speed and at the very least closer to the national average.

Bus services being cut

Transport for London have quietly conceded that they aim to reduce bus service provision across London by 7% in the coming years. In Surrey Docks and Rotherhithe, we’ve seen services, such as the 225 route from Canada Water to Hither Green, cut by 25%. When we’re trying to encourage public transport use in order cut congestion and air pollution, this is step backwards.

Brunel Bridge   

We have been campaigning for a pedestrian and cycling bridge from Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf for a decade now, and it will now be delivered. We support a Bascule-model design, with supporting green-infrastructure – such as extending ‘Boris Bikes’ provision across Southwark, from London Bridge to the new Brunel Bridge.

Bike Hire

While all other Inner London boroughs have invested in TfL’s Bike hire scheme, Southwark Council hasn’t. This has held back transport infrastructure and progress on cutting air pollution. A glance at the map shows how far behind Southwark is compared to others. Back our campaign to ‘Fill the Gap’!


Attacks from mopeds have shot up over recent years – with over two recorded incidents taking place in Southwark every day. We believe that the Council can do more and should do more. Cuts to police numbers has transformed the MET into a re-active service rather than a pro-active force. That’s why we call for a separate specialist team to be established with intelligence, undercover and surveillance officers that can crack-down on the gangs that commit these crimes.