Surrey Docks


SURREY DOCKS: Surrey Docks residents deserve better public transport. We also want to continue supporting the South Dock Marina and Greenland Dock. The Liberal Democrats will keep on working to reduce crime through deterrents, while funding youth services. 

  • Better public transport for Surrey Docks. We will campaign for the Labour London Mayor to expand public bus provision in the Surrey Docks area. We will provide an electric shuttle bus service in the ward to plug gaps in public transport coverage.  


  • Supporting our docks. We will help find funding for a boat-lifting crane for the South Dock Marina and Greenland Dock. 


  • Tackling crime in the ward. We will install extra streetlights, CCTV cameras, bollards and signage to deter anti-social behaviour in the ward; and will continue funding important initiatives for young people in the ward. 

Rotherhithe broadband. We will continue to battle for a full roll-out of fibre broadband to occur as soon as possible in the Rotherhithe peninsula.