Local Issues

In St George's, we're campaigning on the following priorities:

Affordable Housing at Elephant and Castle

We support the development of the Elephant & Castle in principle, but it’s been painfully clear that the plans initially proposed by the developers Delancey and the Labour leadership on the council would have next to no social housing, and with most ‘Affordable’ housing only truly affordable to those on much higher incomes than the average wage in the area. Out of 979 new homes, only 33 were due to be at social rents.

That’s why we successfully opposed the proposals as they stood, and will only support development that makes a meaningful improvement to the level of properly affordable housing at the Elephant.

Traffic Calming

We're continuing to campaign for traffic calming measures in St George's.

We visited all the homes around Lancaster Street  SE1 to discuss the traffic problem
Here is a video of our findings. 


We put pressure on the local council to stop the cars and vans that were using Brook Drive as a short cut.

We worked with residents of Tadwortth House in Webber Street to save it from demolition:


We are fighting to make sure Southwark Council stops leaving our council homes empty.

This one in Hayles Street has been empty for more than two years.


We get things fixed, like the lights on Prospect House: