Local Issues

In South Bermondsey, we're campaigning on the following priorities:

Bike Hire

While all other Inner London boroughs have invested in TfL’s Bike hire scheme, Southwark Council hasn’t. This has held back transport infrastructure and progress on cutting air pollution. A glance at the map shows how far behind Southwark is compared to others. Back our campaign to ‘Fill the Gap’!

Blue Youth Club

The Youth Club in the Blue was shut down a few years ago. Ever since, more and more have complained of younger people being bored with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Youth services have been drastically cut by Southwark Council, but we think this is a false economy.

Gangs are getting better and better at recruiting youngsters. Properly funded youth clubs give a place young people to go and things to do, but more than that, it puts them in touch with adults they can look up to and in turn can look out for them.

Youth services pay for themselves in the long-term, and increasing spending on youth services was a key part of our budget. If you back our campaign to open a fully funded youth club in the Blue, please sign our petition here: tinyurl.com/bermondseyyouth

Stop Council homes Sell-Off

Labour have sold or demolished over 2000 council houses, after promising to build 11,000 of them. In fact, they’ve built and let fewer than 200. This isn’t good enough, and with 1 in 4 new builds sold abroad, this isn’t the housing plan that Southwark wants or needs.