South Bermondsey


Gareth Bell

I have lived in Southwark for the last seven years and I work in digital marketing.

I have volunteered with local churches and I am passionate about youth work and making sure young people have positive activities

I want to see the world a better place and be doing something good in the world.

I am a Liberal Democrat because I want sensible policies that work and that aim to make real change

I want my London to be happier and more innovative. I want my London to be Liberal.


Kirsty Grove

I've lived in Bermondsey my whole life and seen it change hugely. I'm standing for council as I want to ensure that the money coming into Bermondsey translates into opportunities for all, with no-one in the community left behind.

I've seen many of my friends priced out of the area by the Labour Council’s housing policies. I've been frustrated by Labour cosying up to developers instead of getting homes locals can afford. Increased crime is also a huge concern, and I want the council to prioritise this

I want my London to be safer and more affordable. I want my London to be Liberal.


Andrew Tipler

I’ve lived in Bermondsey for a decade and have two young children in a local nursery.

In my day job I head up a buying team. Negotiation and tenders are my speciality, so I would hold developers to account and not let them get away with developments of 100% luxury flats as the Labour Council has.

I believe that the Liberal Democrats are the only party standing up for British values of tolerance, openness and economic pragmatism; and fighting to protect the futures of the young.

I want my London to be open. I want my London to be Liberal.



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