Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria for a target seat

Essential practical criteria

Candidates must demonstrate that they meet the following criteria.


  • Is available to commit to a pre-agreed amount of campaign activity for the constituency from the date of selection until polling day.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of, and credibility as a candidate for the constituency.
  • Can organise own transport in order to campaign in all areas of the constituency.


Desirable competencies

Candidates will be asked to show evidence of: 


Communication Skills

  • Seeking out opportunities to publicise Lib Dem policies using different methods and outlets
  • Speaking confidently and persuasively in public



  • Inspiring and motivating others to work towards common goals
  • Building trust, confidence and enthusiasm among supporters


Strategic Thinking and Judgement

  • Understanding Liberal Democrat policy, and translating it into creative and tangible real world outcomes


Representing People

  • Actively seeking to attract, engage and build trust with new supporters
  • Seeking to win for Party or constituents rather than self



  • Dealing well with conflict and remaining positive in the face of setbacks


Values in Action

  • Developing a campaign team dedicated to maximising Party profile
  • Talking to people to identify concerns, build support and secure resources
  • Looking to win for all by supporting other campaigns when required
  • Being willing to engage in less high profile aspects of campaign work