Rye Lane

Amy Glover

Amy GloverAmy has lived in Southwark all her life. She is married and a mum.

Amy is passionate about young children's nursery provision. She cares about good public transport links, a clean environment for our children, and making sure that our green spaces are not built on by the Labour administration at Tooley Street. Amy works for a commercial bank, loves travelling and community projects.


Andras Juhasz

Andras JuhaszOriginally from Hungary, Andras has lived in London for over a decade and has been living in Peckham since 2016.

Professionally, he is a communications consultant and he is particularly interested in protecting the environment (with more recycling, green spaces and bike lanes) and providing better housing for young people.


Jim Kean

Jim KeanJim loves living in the borough and is a huge supporter of strengthening our community, especially for our youngsters.

He started out as a teacher before becoming an economist. He has six grown-up children and a growing set of grand-children.


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