Local Issues

In Rotherhithe, we're campaigning on:


Broadband in Rotherhithe is amongst the slowest in the country. Despite a 2014 Labour manifesto promise to "bring superfast broadband to the Rotherhithe peninsula", too many homes cannot even get speeds of 4-5Mbps, let alone superfast broadband (defined as above 24Mbps). We’ve been pressuring private companies, Southwark Council and the Mayor of London to bring the area up to speed and at the very least closer to the national average. 

Canada Water Masterplan

The Canada Water Masterplan is one of the largest single developments being added to central London, involving thousands of new homes. While we welcome this new development, we need to make sure it works for existing residents (as well as being an attractive prospect for new residents). We need to make sure that necessary infrastructure included within the plan, including for health, education and transport. We will scrutinise local plans and make sure that local residents benefit from this new development.   

Rotherhithe Roundabout

The Rotherhithe tunnel, and the roundabout at its entrance, is a major choke point for traffic in the area. While we cannot enlarge the tunnel, we can mitigate the problems it causes. By building a slip road for traffic going from Jamaica Road to Brunel Road (possibly by shrinking the roundabout), we can prevent unnecessary traffic from getting stuck on the roundabout and increasing congestion in all directions.

Bike Hire

While all other Inner London boroughs have invested in TfL’s Bike hire scheme, Southwark Council hasn’t. This has held back transport infrastructure and progress on cutting air pollution. A glance at the map shows a massive hole in Rotherhithe and surrounding areas. We need to ensure local residents have a cycle hire scheme they can rely on, and that residents from other areas can park their bikes when they come to Rotherhithe. Back our campaign to ‘Fill the Gap’!


Attacks from mopeds have shot up over recent years – with over two recorded incidents taking place in Southwark every day. We believe that the Council can do more and should do more. Cuts to police numbers has transformed the MET into a reactive service rather than a pro-active force. That’s why we call for a separate specialist team to be established with intelligence, undercover and surveillance officers that can crack-down on the gangs that commit these crimes.