Melissa Gordon

I have lived in South London all my life. I work for a charity and I have also volunteered with youth groups, Whiz Kids, Poppy Appeal and Oxfam.

I am involved in environmental projects, and in supporting young women from ethnic minorities to be heard in politics. I am passionate about a society where everyone is treated with respect, whatever their background.

I am a proud Londoner. I want to make my London a welcoming, safe and prosperous city that solves problems for people, not creates them. I want to make my London Liberal.


Wendy Nowak

I have lived in London since 1985. I believe London deserves better and I want to play my part.

My career was with the BBC World Service. I'm a member of the Institute of Linguists and I volunteer as an Ambassador at Heathrow Airport. I have a degree in German and Russian.

I'm a keen photographer and some of my Rotherhithe and Bermondsey photographs have appeared in Royal Photographic Society publications. I recently completed the Diabetes UK Million Steps Challenge.

I'd like to make my London safer, more welcoming and more tolerant. I’d like to make my London Liberal.


Tom Holder

I live on Lower Road and love Rotherhithe, but want to make it an even better place to live.

I am a former teacher and a Southwark school governor, I believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to succeed in life.

I have campaigned hard to prevent the Labour Council knocking down our Seven Islands Leisure Centre without consultation. I continue to fight hard to ensure developers and our council deliver genuinely affordable homes for locals.

I want to make my London greener by reducing congestion and cutting pollution in Rotherhithe. I want to make my London Liberal.



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