We know that the effects of the pandemic and Brexit will be felt by residents and businesses for many years to come. Simultaneously, the cost-of-living crisis now threatens household budgets and thousands of families are struggling to make ends meet.

We will support our residents and businesses who are struggling with the cost-of-living crisis and from the consequences of Brexit and the pandemic.

  • Hardship grants. We will expand the council’s Hardship Fund to enable any local household to apply for a grant if they are struggling to make ends meet.
  • Protecting mental health. We will establish a mental health support package of direct funding and signposting to services, including a specialist counsellor in every school.
  • Backing our businesses. We will introduce a rent relief fund for local businesses impacted by the pandemic and Brexit.
  • Boost job opportunities. We will help school leavers and career changes by creating 5,000 new apprenticeships in Southwark with a focus on digital and green opportunities.