Cleaner & Safer Streets

Since 2010, Labour-run Southwark Council has slashed the number of Community Wardens by 74% and cut the youth services budget by 80%. The biggest cut came in 2016, shortly before the Labour administration introduced "loss of office" payments to hand thousands of pounds to Labour cabinet members as a 'golden-goodbye' when they stand down. Southwark is the only council in the country to have such a pay-off scheme, and the Liberal Democrats have consistently opposed it.

At the same time, Southwark's streets have become dirtier, fly-tipping is on the rise, bins go unemptied and the borough's recycling rate has stalled.

We will make Southwark’s streets cleaner and safer. The Labour-run council have left rubbish to pile up and slashed the number of community wardens. Liberal Democrats will restore pride in Southwark’s streets.

  • Tackle fly tipping. We will reintroduce free bulky waste disposal services and invest in enforcement officers to issue fines against fly tippers.
  • Clean up our streets. We will double the number of litter bins, invest in more street cleaners and organise community litter picking days.
  • Make our streets safer. We will tackle crime and anti-social behaviour and improve safety by employing 100 Community Wardens across our hot spots in Southwark.
  • Boost recycling rates to at least 60%. We will make Southwark the best recycler in London by 2030.