Listening to You

The Labour council is not listening. Across Southwark, people are complaining that consultations are meaningless, that complaints go unanswered and that their Labour councillors are taking them for granted.

We will give power back to people. It’s your Council, but Labour isn’t listening. Liberal Democrats would improve consultation and make it easier to access Council services.

  • Make consultation worth having. We will introduce a consultation guarantee to ensure that local people have a real say in council decisions.
  • Make the council more democratic. We will switch to a committee system to make decisions more democratic and open up the council’s processes to engage with residents.
  • Restore face-to-face services. We will open community customer service hubs to enable people to access council services face-to-face.
  • Improve response times. We will improve customer service by guaranteeing that calls to the council are answered promptly and that residents get the advice and support they need.