Health in our local communities

Good health begins at home, a decent home in a community that provides jobs, open spaces and the support that we - and those we care for - need to be as physically and mentally healthy, and live as independently, as possible.

To make that possible, we need to ensure local services continue to be available across Southwark, that they work effectively together and are accessible to all. We also need to ensure effective action is taken to ensure clean air, to protect open spaces and leisure facilities and to provide safe spaces for young and old.

At a local level, it’s the little things that matter. Which is why we’re campaigning for road junctions designed to minimise pollution, affordable meals on wheels, good food hygiene standards in schools, keeping youth clubs and pharmacies open, and resisting plans to sell off open spaces, including school land, for housing.

Whilst these are activities we campaign for at a local level, the large effects to healthcare are made at a national level. Read on for our national policies.

Our headline policies for health are:

1. An immediate 1p rise on the basic, higher and additional rates of Income
Tax to raise £6 billion additional revenue which would be ringfenced to
be spent only on NHS and social care services.

2. Ringfence funding from within the one penny Income Tax rise, to provide
additional investment in mental health

3. End the public sector pay freeze for NHS workers and Reinstate student
nurse bursaries.

4. Raise the amount people can earn before losing Carer’s Allowance from
£110 to £150 a week, and reduce the number of hours’ care per week
required to qualify.

5. Keep public health within local government, where it is effectively joined-
up with preventive community services, and re-instate the funding cut
from public health budgets by the Conservatives.

Click here to see our health policies in full.