Fighting your corner

Localism and community is one of the cornerstones of Liberalism.  We believe that every person should be empowered to make their own choices and that local communities are best positioned to make choices for the area around them as you know best. Our Liberal Democrat councillors have historically fought your corner (and won) against inappropriate local development, or where perhaps the council hasn't best represented local people. When we ran the council between 2002-2010 we built new schools, new youth facilities and leisure centres amongst other community focussed projects. 

Looking forward, our plan for Southwark describes community empowerment to take local decisions that suit the needs of the local population. Furthermore our national policies support our aims to enable devolve power into local communities.

Key national policies include:

1. Provide 15 hours a week of free childcare to the parents of all two-year
olds in England. We will then prioritise 15 hours’ free childcare for all
working parents in England with children aged between nine months
and two years.

2. Commit to an ambitious long-term goal of 30 hours’ free childcare a
week for all parents in England with children aged from two to four
years, and all working parents from the end of paid parental leave to
two years. This will not only help parents afford to work, but will also
help all children start school confident, happy and ready to learn.

3. Increase Local Housing Allowance in line with average rents in an
area, ensuring that LHA is enough for a family to pay their housing
costs no matter where they live.

4. Grant new powers to local authorities to protect high streets and
consumers by reducing the proliferation of betting shops and capping
the maximum amount able to be bet on fixed odds betting terminals
(FOBTs) at one time to £2.

5. Improve links between Jobcentres and Work Programme providers and
the local NHS to ensure all those in receipt of health-related benefits
are getting the care and support to which they are entitled.

Click here to see our national policies for Families & Communities in full.