Plan for Southwark

On 5 May 2022, local people can Demand Better for Southwark.

Labour is letting Southwark down. The Labour-run council is missing targets, breaking promises and cutting front line services. The Labour Mayor has failed to deliver the Bakerloo Line extension and shelved plans for the Rotherhithe bridge.

Southwark Liberal Democrats have an ambitious plan for our borough. We will work with the community to tackle the climate emergency and the housing crisis; we will make our streets cleaner and safer; we will improve transport and protect our green spaces; and we will support residents and businesses as we recover from Brexit and Covid.

On 5 May 2022, local people can Demand Better for Southwark by voting Liberal Democrat. Only the Liberal Democrats can beat Labour here — the Conservatives and Greens do not have any councillors in Southwark and cannot win locally.

Action on the Climate Emergency


A worker fitting solar panels on a roof.Retrofitting solar panels is just one element on our plan to make Southwark the greenest Borough in London.

We will make Southwark the greenest borough in London. Labour is failing to tackle the Climate Emergency. The Liberal Democrats have a plan to go greener, faster.

  • Formally protect and enhance our green spaces. We will review the site-selection criteria for council-led developments and conduct an audit of all green spaces as part of our pledge to safeguard them from being built on.
  • Plant 100,000 trees across Southwark. We will plant more trees and use full powers available to protect mature trees.
  • Invest in retrofitting, insulation and sustainable energy. We will invest in technology such as solar panels and heat pumps; and will back community energy projects to help our estates switch to green energy.
  • Fully divest Southwark’s pension fund from fossil fuels. We will end all direct or indirect investments in fossil fuels by 2025 and increase the fund’s allocation into clean energy organisations.

We will also work to implement all the recommendations of Southwark’s Climate Change Citizens Jury that are within the council’s capacity; and will work with all stakeholders to improve the Climate Change Strategy so that it delivers the necessary plans to tackle the climate emergency.


Transport Fit for the 21st Century


Trams work well for Wimbledon, Croydon and Beckenham. We will bring them to central London. Image: Roger Templeman

We will promote clean, green transport. Labour has broken its promises on the Bakerloo Line extension and the Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf footbridge. The Liberal Democrats will deliver the improvements that our community needs.

  • Expand the Santander cycle hire scheme. We will fund the installation of 100 more docking stations throughout the borough and provide free membership for Southwark residents.
  • A tram for Southwark. We will put Southwark’s weight behind plans for a tram to connect the borough while we await the stalled Bakerloo line project.
  • Deliver 25km of new cycle lanes. We will make our roads safer by providing 25km of new cycle lanes across Southwark by 2025.
  • Invest in electric vehicle charging points. We will ensure that installation of EV charging points keeps up with demand, and guarantee an EV charging point within 200 metres of every home.


Tackling the Housing Crisis


Grenfell Tower in flames.London has not forgotten the tragedy at Grenfell Tower. The Tory building safety crisis and rotten standards Labour have left us in Southark must end.

We will provide homes for local people. Our diverse communities can’t thrive if they are priced out of the borough. Liberal Democrats would accelerate delivery of new council homes and ensure 50% of homes in private developments are affordable. We will also stand up for residents trapped by the cladding scandal.

  • Half the new homes to be genuinely affordable. We will require developers to provide 50% genuinely affordable homes on all private developments.
  • Bring council homes back into use. We will expand and accelerate the council’s buyback scheme for council housing and bring empty homes back into use.
  • Act urgently to tackle disrepair on estates. We will introduce a dedicated complex repairs team to deal with disrepair, mould and damp in Southwark’s housing.
  • End the building safety crisis. We will support residents caught up in the building safety crisis and boycott developers or housing associations that have not taken action to support affected leaseholders.


A Cleaner and Safer Southwark


Waste plastic
The Liberal Democrats would make Southwark the best Borough in London for recycling

We will make Southwark’s streets cleaner and safer. The Labour-run council have left rubbish to pile up and slashed the number of community wardens. Liberal Democrats will restore pride in Southwark’s streets.

  • Tackle fly tipping. We will reintroduce free bulky waste disposal services and invest in enforcement officers to issue fines against fly tippers.
  • Clean up our streets. We will double the number of litter bins, invest in more street cleaners and organise community litter picking days.
  • Make our streets safer. We will tackle crime and anti-social behaviour and improve safety by employing 100 Community Wardens across our hot spots in Southwark.
  • Boost recycling rates to at least 60%. We will make Southwark the best recycler in London by 2030.


Supporting Southwark People and Businesses


Worried-looking woman with her hand to her head, looking at a piece of paper.
The cost of living crisis is looming over all of us - the Lib Dems have a plan to help.

We will support our residents and businesses who are struggling with the cost-of-living crisis and from the consequences of Brexit and the pandemic.

  • Hardship grants. We will expand the council’s Hardship Fund to enable any local household to apply for a grant if they are struggling to make ends meet.
  • Protecting mental health. We will establish a mental health support package of direct funding and signposting to services, including a specialist counsellor in every school.
  • Backing our businesses. We will introduce a rent relief fund for local businesses impacted by the pandemic and Brexit.
  • Boost job opportunities. We will help school leavers and career changes by creating 5,000 new apprenticeships in Southwark with a focus on digital and green opportunities.


Labour Doesn't Listen - but we do.


A group of Liberal Democrat CampaignersAcross London and the UK, the Liberal Democrats are community campaigners you can rely on

We will give power back to people. It’s your Council, but Labour isn’t listening. Liberal Democrats would improve consultation and make it easier to access Council services.

  • Make consultation worth having. We will introduce a consultation guarantee to ensure that local people have a real say in council decisions.
  • Make the council more democratic. We will switch to a committee system to make decisions more democratic and open up the council’s processes to engage with residents.
  • Restore face-to-face services. We will open community customer service hubs to enable people to access council services face-to-face.
  • Improve response times. We will improve customer service by guaranteeing that calls to the council are answered promptly and that residents get the advice and support they need.