Local Issues

In Peckham our priorities are:


There's a desperate need to increase the amount of genuinely affordable housing in and near the ward.

Of the five thousand homes in Southwark currently empty, one in nine are council housing. The latest figures show that the average Council homes in the borough is left empty for 109 days. This is five times longer than in neighbouring Tower Hamlets, who take on average three weeks to reallocate their council homes. As a result of so much council housing being demolished and not replaced, or left empty, Southwark is now the only Inner London borough where the level of low-cost housing is actually declining.

We're calling for Southwark to stop selling off homes (except under Right to Buy), and make serious efforts to bring empty homes back into use.

Traffic Calming

Despite the introduction of a borough-wide 20mph zone, Peckham contains several incident hot-spots where more is clearly needed, and so we're calling for additional traffic-calming measures.