Old Kent Road

Moulka Beddar

Moulka Beddar

Moulka lives locally here in the ward, just north of the Old Kent Road. She loves interacting with people and enjoys having a friendly conversations with everyone.

Moulka has been actively involved in the community, particularly with helping out older residents. She has been a school governor for the last 4 years and has been a supporter of an Alzheimer's charity foundation.




Keira Kyriacou


Keira is a mother and an E-Commerce manager who lives along the Old Kent Road.

She is passionate about housing and concerned about air pollution especially since the old Kent road is London’s second busiest road and says the council is doing nowhere near enough to deal with this serious health issue, especially for our children.

Keira is proud of her community and local area, and often volunteers her time to help with local events.

Paul Kyriacou

Paul Kyriacou

Paul was a local councillor in the borough for 12 years. He served as Mayor of Southwark for the 2006/7 year and was later the executive member for environment. He is very well known in the local community, and having lived along the Old Kent Road all of his life is passionate about his area.

Paul works to house those who are homeless and vulnerable and understands what it means to truly represent all communities regardless if you are a council tenant or live with a private landlord. Hehas committed his time selflessly as a volunteer for over 20 years and has been a councillor before who promises to be seen all year around and not just at election time.  


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