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Rupert Morris was a staff journalist for a total of seven years on The Daily Telegraph and The Times before he went freelance in 1987, since when he has written for national and international media outlets. In 1987-8 he spent several months living in Los Angeles while writing for newspapers in the UK and round the world. He is the author of Tories - From village hall to Westminster: a political sketch (Mainstream 1991) and The Right Way to Write (Piatkus 1998). He was Associate Editor of The Week 1995-2004.

He founded his own company, Clarity, in 1998, since when he has ghost-written speeches, books and articles, edited documents of all kinds, and trained people at all levels in the public and private sectors to write and speak more effectively. In his spare time, he conducts humanist weddings, funerals and baby namings. He a qualified mediator. He is vice-chairman of the National Liberal Club, where he chairs debates, edits the club magazine and runs an annual quiz.

Rupert has been a member of the Liberal Democrats since 1993. He wrote several speeches with Don Foster MP, Lib-Dem education spokesman 1995-8. Was a member of Ming Campbell speech-writing team for two party conferences in 2006.


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