North Bermondsey


NORTH BERMONDSEY: The Liberal Democrats believe our residents should have more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors with a greener Low Line and a new lido. We would bring Maydew House back to use and would help residents with travel costs by campaigning to re-zone Bermondsey tube station.

  • Opening a Southwark Park lido. We will explore options for a lido in or near Southwark Park. This would increase the amount of spaces in which residents can exercise and relax outdoors after facing severe restrictions on leisure during the pandemic.


  • Heavily greening the Low Line. The Low Line’s rail viaducts make it a fantastic walking route through our ward. We want to green the Low Line, make the tunnels cleaner and more attractive, and promote a healthier, friendlier and more inclusive cultural atmosphere while reducing anti-social behaviour.


  • Urgently refurbish Maydew House. We will speed up works on Maydew House, to provide much-needed council homes locally, after a decade of Labour dither and delay.


  • Rezoning Bermondsey tube station. We will campaign to rezone Bermondsey tube station to Zone 1/2 in order to reduce travel costs for local residents.