Harriet Shone

Originally from Chester, I have lived in London since 2008 when I moved to here to attend the LSE, studying History and Government. After I graduated, it never occurred to me to leave this amazing city which had so quickly become my home.

I have been a member of Liberal Democrats since I was 16 years old, joining the Party because of its commitment to civil liberties and to building a fair and open society. I firmly believe that the UK, and London especially, needs a liberal voice to champion our communities and ingrain the spirit of openness and opportunity in our society. With so many challenges on the horizon, from Brexit to the ongoing housing crisis, we need this spirit of liberalism and fairness now more than ever.

As a Liberal Democrat councillor, I would work tirelessly to support communities across Southwark and to protect London’s reputation as a truly open and welcoming city. 

Alistair Bigos

James Doran


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