Local Issues

In London Bridge & West Bermondsey we're campaigning on:

Bike Hire

While all other Inner London boroughs have invested in TfL’s Bike hire scheme, Southwark Council hasn’t. This has held back transport infrastructure and progress on cutting air pollution. A glance at the map shows how far behind Southwark is compared to others. Back our campaign to ‘Fill the Gap’!

Bricklayers’ Arms

One of our major campaigns to develop Southwark’s green infrastructure is to convince TfL to build a tube station at Bricklayers’ Arms. Along with local groups and businesses, we already achieved some early success, with TfL formally declaring that they will consider the proposals in detail, after having ruled it out.

TfL will have to build a hugely expensive and disruptive ventilation shaft at the Bricklayers’ if they don’t build a station, so a big part of the costs will already be paid for.

If you back our campaign, please sign our petition at tinyurl.com/bricklayersarms