Lib Dems raise Crime-Fighting plans with Borough Commander

Southwark Liberal Democrat councillors met with the Borough Commander to raise
concerns of residents, to get a better understanding of the levels and forms of crimes that
blight Southwark, and to highlight their proposals to reduce offenses in the borough.

Southwark has lost a police officer a week over the last few years. In response, at last year’s
local elections Southwark Liberal Democrats proposed fully-costed plans to directly fund a
dedicated knife-crime unit as well as doubling funding for youth services, after Labour had
cut it in half. At the Council’s Annual budget, the Liberal Democrats also proposed an
amendment to establish a dedicated knife-crime unit, funded in part by reducing the
number of press officers to pay for more police officers. The unit wasn’t created as the
ruling Labour party opposed the plans.
As well as supporting plans for more police officers and greater support for youth services,
the Borough Commander highlighted that there could be better co-ordination between
youth and community groups, arguing that an audit of all the organisations working in the
borough would be helpful, especially those that have a particular focus and trust among
specific communities.
Cllr William Houngbo, Southwark Liberal Democrats spokesperson on Crime and Community
Safety said:
‘It was a very productive meeting with the Borough Commander, and it was really useful to
hear his views of how things are on the front-line. It’s clear to us that Southwark Labour’s
policy of cutting Youth Services in half should never have been implemented and there
certainly is scope for the Council to make a real difference by fully funding a knife-crime
unit. We’ll keep making the case for the benefits of such a unit and hope that Labour will
put party politics to one side and deliver it.’



13th of May, 2019