Lib Dems call for permanent memorial for London Bridge Attacks victims

Southwark Liberal Democrats are calling for a permanent memorial to commemorate all those killed and injured in the London Bridge and Borough Market attacks and to mark the strength of the community response.

At the next Council Assembly (17 July), Cllr Victor Chamberlain who represents Borough and Bankside ward, and Cllr William Houngbo who represents London Bridge & West Bermondsey ward will seek Council support for a motion that will establish a fitting permanent memorial.

The horrific terror attacks, in which eight people were killed and a further 48 were injured, brought the eyes of the world to the areas they represent. After the event, local community groups and survivors came together to stand up against hate. The motion explicitly calls for the memorial to mark not only the victims, but also the community solidarity that emerged out of the attacks

Cllr Victor Chamberlain, who is proposing the motion, said:

‘Our community will never forget these horrific attacks and all those who were killed, injured and affected by them.

In the two years since the attacks, we have shown the world that Southwark stands together against hate.

Establishing a permanent memorial to remember the victims of the attacks and the strength of the community response (which is decided by survivors, families of the victims and community representatives) is the right thing to do. I hope we get unanimous support from the Council to properly remember these attacks.

2nd of July, 2019