Ledbury Estate

Ledbury Estate - the ongoing safety concerns whilst residents are ignored.

After the tragedy of Grenfell Tower, Southwark's own Ledbury Estate residents fought to raise their voices about their own safety concerns. The initial response was to ignore concerns from residents. The Council suddenly raised an order to switch off gas supplies due to safety concerns with little notice. Since then, communication between the council and residents has been poor. The Liberal Democrat request for a public crisis meeting was rejected.


Key facts

  • Dec 17: FOI reveals nearly £7m in repair/comp costs
  • Residents living in four 13-storey tower blocks had gas supply switched off after safety concerns
  • Concerns were raised four weeks earlier. Council did not initially respond ignoring residents
  • Residents had to use showers from local leisure centres and have hot pads installed
  • Liberal Democrat request for a public crisis meeting was rejected by Southwark Council.


Key articles


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