Larry Ngan

Statement 1

Our country is at the crucial moment. Within a month, we will either end up leaving EU without a deal, or delaying from leaving EU. If we can delay leaving, we can then have a chance to have the People’s Vote, and we will campaign for Remain in EU and revoke Article 50.

Our opposition are all in tatters: Both Tory and Labour are split on Brexit; Labour is engulfed in the crisis of anti-Semitism, while Tory is busy in fighting off its Islamophobia image. Both parties are at the edge of split and too busy of fighting against themselves rather than fighting for social justice in our country.

Meanwhile TIG has a team but they don’t have any policy yet, but they have already intended courting Lib Dems PPC in a number of wards to join them. They are desperate in establishing themselves as a political force but we still don’t know what they stand for.

We are in a new political environment and even if we can stop Brexit from happening, the hard Brexiteers have already caused a lot of damages to our society in every level. We need someone fresh to fight for the cause of liberal democracy, and we need someone from an ethnic minority and LGBT background to fight for a progressive, liberal society in United Kingdom.

I believe my social background and experience can offer voters a fresh choice. Dulwich and West Norwood deserves a lib dem MP and let’s turn this constituency gold!


Statment 2

We did it! The Prime Minister was forced to delay Brexit after the parliament rejected her bad deal. The People’s Vote demonstration on 23rdMarch brought the 2ndreferendum with a remain optionback to the agenda in order to stop Brexit!

No matter whether Brexit is going to take place, let’s not forget to campaign on other pressing social issues.

Dulwich and West Norwood deserves better transportation. We suffered from the bad services from Southern Rail and Thameslink for ages. Chris Graylings, our transport secretary, did nothing to force the train companies reducing train delays and cancellations, and it is us who suffered from the consequences. 

We also need toprotect the rights for property owners and rental occupants. Many residents do not know their rights to fight against irresponsible property developers, dodgy landlords and anti social behaviour in the community, or did not know how to take action against them.

We also deservesgreater transparency over urban planning. We need greater public scrutiny over its planning process and whether the public infrastructure can sustain such an increase in population. 

My experience as the Vice Chair of Residents Associationand former candidate as councillorcan provide an insight. I had experiences in fight against management companies, and scrutinise the transport plans initiated by the TFL. My experience in Chinese Liberal Democrats made me understand the difficulties of ethnic minorities facing while dealing with government departments.

Let me be the PPC of this constituency and bring changes to this country!