First 3 months

Your London Bridge and West Bermondsey councillors have spent their first 3 months in office meeting heads of tenants and residents associations, running surgeries to address constituent issues, door knocking to survey residents about noise and antisocial behaviour issues and continuing to campaign for better transport in the area. 

Councillor Humaira Ali is leading a project to bring Arnold Estate residents together with local businesses on Druid Street together for a better working and living relationships. She has also taken her place on the Overview and Scrutiny Committee and Audit and Compliance committee. Both of these focus on how the Labour council policy is impacting Southwark residents and also audit of how the council operates including expenditure. She is the Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Equality and Citizenship .

Councillor William Houngbo is leading on cross party cooperation to tackle violent crime in our communities. He is the Crime Scrutiny Commission Vice Chair and has been working with the local police, the wardens and the Anti Social Behaviour Units to tackle and reduce key issues in the JMB managed areas, the Harold and the Arnold Estates. He is the Liberal Democrat Council Group Vice Chair and spokesperson for Community Safety and Youth Services. William is currently working on new initiatives with several organisations such as Active Communities Network to increase opportunities for youth. This new initiative is aimed at addressing the postcode rivalry which exists between young people in areas around Southwark.  Several young people from rival gangs were brought together at a sporting event during August 2018 as part of this initiative.

Councillor Damian O'Brien continues to lead the fight for a station at the Bricklayers Arms, has just successfully seen the completion of a new children's playground on St Saviour's Estate. He is a member of the planning sub committee, is the Deputy Leader of Liberal Democrats in Southwark and is the spokesperson for Transport and Infrastructure. 

All 3 of your councillors have been tackling casework for individuals across the ward much of which is around housing, community safety issues and local initiatives. They are also slowly making their way around the ward delivering letters to all residents with contact details. Apologies that it's taking so long...there are only 3 of us!