Empty Homes

Housing Crisis - Scandal of empty homes in Southwark where 1 in 9 are Council owned

There are currently over 5000 empty homes across the London Borough of Southwark of which 1 in 9 belong to the council.  Considering the lengthy waiting list for council tenants and the national housing crisis we believe the Council should push for all vacant dwellings to be populated immediately - 5000 empty homes could be occupied by 5000 families awaiting a decent home.


We say

If elected we would re-let housing aiming for the same average times as Tower Hamlets as well as pushing for all vacant dwellings to be populated.

There is no reason why council owned homes are left vacant and these should be occupied immediately


Key facts

  • 5,041 vacant dwellings in Southwark. Highest across whole of London
  • 578 empty council homes in Southwark (1 in 9)
  • Average re-let time is 110 days. Neighbouring Tower Hamlets re-lets on average in 23 days
  • The council house waiting list is at nearly 10,000.
  • 40% of Swk households with children are overcrowded.


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