Ellen Nicholson

Why should you elect me as your Prospective Parliamentary Candidate?  What experience and skills would I bring to Dulwich and West Norwood?

I started by being involved with Somerset Liberal Democrats in 2015 and listening to processes when choosing the PPC, not imaging four years later I’d be doing the same. From there I started working more with my local party and am now on their Executive as Ordinary member and in the process of taking on media roles such as setting up an Instagram account to reach younger voters. I am in the process of linking in with members across Lambeth and Southwark where I work and I’ve been active in the Brexit marches, stewarding hundreds of thousands of people around the London streets. At the last Autumn Conference, I attended training on campaigning and women in leadership

Outside of the Lib Dems I am an activist in the Royal College of Nursing, involved and organising successful petitions to scrap the 1% pay cap on public sector wages and highlighting the need for safe staffing in healthcare. Increasingly I am focusing on the value of education and if our system currently works for our young people as well as speaking in schools about careers options. I am also developing interest in renewable energies and reducing pollution and improving air quality, something crucial to our health in London.

I hope to speak with many of you over the next few weeks. If you elect me as your PPC, I bring you a range of real life experience, skills, and leadership.

The decision is yours.