Local Issues

In Dulwich Hill our priorities are:

Traffic Calming

Despite the adoption of 20mph limits throughout the borough, there are still problems with speeding, especially on Forest Hill Road where there have been a number of incidents in recent years. With two schools on the road, we believe traffic calming measures are essential and will continue to campaign for them.

More Bike Hangars

75% of Southwark residents live in flats, more than average for Inner London, and most have no cycle storage available. To help tackle this, we're campaigning to increase the number of Bike Hangars available so the option of cycling is available to all.

Increase in burglaries

There has been an increase in burglaries recently, so we're redoubling our efforts to protect the police presence we have, and to ensure that crime-prevention measures, from property-marking kits to ground anchors for mopeds and scooters, are made available to residents.