Local Issues

In Chaucer, we're campaigning on the following priorities:

RV1 Bus service

The RV1 bus service was suddenly halved without any consultation and next to no warning. Not only is this the only service that connects Covent Garden, London Eye, South Bank, Tate Modern, the Globe, Borough Market, Tower Bridge and the Tower of London, it’s also one of the few zero-emissions routes in London. It’s also obvious that the sudden drop in passenger numbers has been down to the diversions around London Bridge, which are temporary.

Affordable Housing at Elephant and Castle

We support the development of the Elephant & Castle in principle, but it’s been painfully clear that the plans initially proposed by the developers Delancey and the Labour leadership on the council would have next to no social housing, and with most ‘Affordable’ housing only truly affordable to those on much higher incomes than the average wage in the area. Out of 979 new homes, only 33 were due to be at social rents.

That’s why we successfully opposed the proposals as they stood, and will only support development that makes a meaningful improvement to the level of properly affordable housing at the Elephant.

Traffic Calming

We're continuing to campaign for traffic calming measures in Chaucer.