Charley Hasted

Statement 1

Hi, I’m Charley Hasted and I’m asking for your support to become the candidate for Dulwich and West Norwood.

I’ve lived in the area all my life and I’d love the opportunity to represent you all.  Labour fail us time and time again in Parliament and Local government. I want to make those positive changes that we must see here to ensure every resident of Dulwich and West Norwood is able to make the most of their lives.

I’ve spent my life working to help people at every stage of life from chairing a Youth Council to working with AimHigher to volunteering with schools to campaigning to prevent cuts to services. Now I want to take that experience to Westminster.

-Social carein the UK is appalling, as a family carer and an NHS worker there aren’t many people who are better placed to see the effects cuts to social care have had to Elderly and disabled people and our families or more passionate about the right to quality social care so that everyone can have a fulfilling life.

-I’ve worked in Early Years environments and seen the difference that good Early Yearsprovision can make to children from all backgrounds. From Children’s centres to nursery provision to those first years at school, I will fight for every child in Dulwich and West Norwood to get the start they deserve to live up to their potential.

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss this or anything else! [email protected]


Statement 2

It’s nearly time to decide who you want to represent you in Dulwich and West Norwood and I‘d love for you to choose me – A local activistand campaigner with a real passion for and devotion to the area.

I’m ready to represent you on the issues you care about, and I have the knowledge and experience to do it. I want us to prove that we are the natural choicefor the majority of voters in Dulwich and West Norwood. We need to be out there at local events, getting involved in local campaigns over the long term– like the campaign to save children’s centres in Lambeth – medium- and long-term campaigning is something I’ve been doing since childhood.

We need to offer something different than we have before and I am different- I know what it’s like to be on benefits and try and navigate that system, to experience poverty as a child, to grow up in social housing in an area where low aspirations are the norm. I don’t have to imagine what it’s like to feel forgotten about here- I’ve lived it. I also know what it’s like to get lucky, to find someone willing to fight for you who opens up a world of opportunity that you could never have dreamt of alone. I want to do that for the people of Dulwich and West Norwood and I need you to do it.

As ever please do get in touch:

[email protected]