Local Issues

In Camberwell Green our priorities are:

Camberwell Train Station

Public transport provision in Southwark lags far behind the rest of Inner London. Given than we as a city are trying to cut emissions and improve air quality, as well as extending the Bakerloo and Northern tube lines, reopening Camberwell train station is one clear, obvious and practical step we can take to improve our green infrastructure. It will help our environment, convenience, economy and quality of life and we’re campaigning to have this important connection re-established in full.

Extra police officers

Police numbers have been steadily cut over recent years, mainly as a consequence of funding cuts from central government. With gradually fewer and fewer officers, the police service has become a much more re-active rather than pro-active force. The council isn’t powerless. It can do something to improve this by paying directly for more police officers. We’re calling for a special investigative unit to be established, funded by the council but answerable to the Borough Commander, to proactively target criminal gangs and crime waves.