Broadband Speeds

Broadband Speeds - It's 2018 and in Central London we have homes experiencing the worst broadband speeds. Join our campaign to get proper broadband connectivity especially for residents in the Rotherhithe peninsula.

Broadband speeds in the Rotherhithe peninsula are appalling.  In some cases connectivity is virtually non-existent. We are calling for a short term response to the issue of poor broadband speeds.  Delivering superfast broadband is one of Labour’s manifesto pledges which they are not going to meet. Just like internet on the peninsula, the Labour administration’s response has been agonisingly slow


Key facts

  • Item at 31st Oct 2017 Cabinet
  • Council creating Digital Infrastructure Team, using council-owned buildings for wireless infrastructure
  • April 2017 analysis (BroadbandSE16) shows 25% on peninsula still on broadband speeds under 10Mbps
  • 2014 report outlined challenges in the area for broadband access
  • Some green boxes have been installed


Key articles


July 2017: Council looks to secure fibre broadband for Rotherhithe – where locals have to use tube station Wi-Fi


April 2016: Rotherhithe broadband improvements moving as slowly as local internet speeds