Bakerloo Line Extension

Campaign for the Bricklayers Arms Tube station - Click here to sign our petition to demand TFL not make a ventilation shaft but build the first new Bakerloo line extension station at the Bricklayers Arms

The Liberal Democrats are leading the fight to persuade TFL into building a new tube station at the Bricklayers Arms.  Following petitions and strong responses to the consultation - a demonstration organised by local TRAs, Businesses and the Liberal Democrats has gained cross party support. As it stands TFL have agreed to review their original proposals to only build a ventilation shaft disrupting local businesses and residents for a number of years and no station at the end of the works.


Key facts


  • TfL consulted BLE. Suggested 2 stations. 1 at Burgess Park, 1 at Toys 'R' Us
  • Lib Dems and Tower Bridge Alliance campaigning for 3rd station at Bricklayers Arms
  • Over 700 signatures collected so far
  • Ticket office upgrade at E&C may involve demolition of homes/green space
  • Nov 4th rally garners cross party support and large attendance from local residents and businesses
  • Local MP Neil Coyle lists some bizarre reasons why a tube station cannot be built here.  These are contradicted by Labour Council Leader Peter John


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