Nick Johnson

My name is Nick Johnson, I am a Southwark Liberal Democrat Councillor and I live in Herne Hill.

I believe that voters in Dulwich & West Norwood are naturally liberal-minded. We need to help them realise this! 

Helen Hayes, our local MP, has been largely silent on the major issues that affect us:

  • She is a remainer, but one who says little about BREXIT, perhaps in the hope of retaining Corbyn’s favour
  • She is silent on the expansion of Heathrow and the huge growth in noise and air pollution above our heads every day
  • On our broken political system, in desperate need of electoral reform, she says nothing 

Beyond BREXIT, I believe that we need to inspire voters around the issues they care about.

 If I am elected as PPC, I would like to campaign around three core areas:

  • Taking climate change and pollution seriously: we need major investment in renewables and public transport (a ‘Green New Deal’)
  • Addressing the lack of political engagement: ‘First past the post’ doesn’t work any more and we desperately need Proportional Representation
  • Looking at the root cause of crime, particularly knife crime: this isn’t just about having more police, it is about investing in youth services and schools

I look forward to meeting some of you at the Hustings. If you can’t make it, I urge you to consider getting a postal vote and, in the meantime, do follow me on twitter - @volantenick