Adetokunbo Fatukasi

Let’s face It, the Lib Dems need a refresh, it’s time for new, dynamic and proactive individualsto take the lead on representation.

I firmly believe that I can provide this sort of representation. DAWN is a unique, vibrant and liberal constituencyand I want to champion this. I believe I have what it takes to capture the needs of the community and bring them to light nationally if given the chance.

I believe that the representation of this constituency should be seen as a long term project rather than a quick fix.

My main objectives are to:

Build a strong base of support in both the Lambeth and Southwark wards increasing our visibility.

Engage more transient and younger voters especially in the BAME community by promoting the idea of #LIBERAL MINDS, LIBERAL VOTES

Utilising our strong council position in Southwark to get people to view us as the ONLY opposition in this constituency

Embed the Lib Dems in hard to reach communities, by engaging local leaders, champions and religious figures.Everyone that has influence in DAWN needs to know what the Lib Dems offer as a party.

Spearheading a data and digital driven marketing strategy, as a party we need to start shaping the local narrative. I want to lead a campaign that is data driven, evidenced based and targets the right audience.DAWN has different communities and different needs across the constituency and I want us to tailor our messages for those communities.